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When your washing machine is acting odd, contact Ideal Fix for fast repairs in Thornhill!

Do you take your washing machine for granted? This miracle appliance makes chores very easy these days, but it can quickly become a nightmare when something malfunctions.

Laundry machine repair can be a daunting task for the average person. New machines now include many sensitive control valves, circuit boards, and heating elements. When they break or have been badly maintained, it’s best to leave their repair to a professional.

If you need a trustworthy washing machine maintenance specialist for your twin tub, single tub, or automatic front load machine, you need to look no further than Ideal Fix in Thornhill, ON.

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Washing Machine Repair in Thornhill

A laundry machine plays a major part in keeping a household running like a well-oiled machine. Your clothes need to come out fresh and clean, without leftover grime, dirt, and lingering scents. When these machines break, fixing them yourself can mean hours and days of trial and error. This effort will leave you with piles of dirty clothes that you’d have to pay a laundromat to clean.

Avoid this stress and call us for a quick appointment in Thornhill, ON.

Our technicians will fix:

  • Washing machine leaks
  • Washers that stop mid-cycle
  • Water that doesn’t pump out during the spin cycle
  • Baskets that spin too slow or won’t spin at all
  • Funny sounds or vibrations
  • Frequently overheating motors
  • Timer knobs that are out of alignment

The Ideal Fix team can also conduct commercial washing machine maintenance and repair.

We are a team of experts that will get the job done. Read our latest customer reviews to see why we’ve become a trusted name around Thornhill.

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Common Washing Machine Issues

Some issues with your washer are easy to fix at home. Others may call for some hired help. Read our advice below regarding some typical problems.

  • Drainage problems:A washing machine that doesn’t drain properly can have something as simple as a congested drain hose. On the other hand, a complex series of malfunctioning pumps could be the cause. If you’ve cleared the hose of blockages and residue, checked your lint filters and your home’s drain system. Make sure the hose is sealed into the standpipe. If you can’t find the issue, it may be time to phone a professional
  • Spin problems:If your washing machine doesn’t spin or spins in an agitated way, you might need to do a bit of dismantling to detect the problem. First, check the manual to see if you’re overloading the basket with clothes. If you’re not, find the lid switch inside the cabinet beside the door frame. It could cause the problem if it is broken
  • A dead motor: Your washer’s motor is responsible for spinning the basket. It employs a clutch, transmission, and crank-type gears. The frequently broken parts of the motor are the couplers, reversing parts in some washers, and agitators to the drive shaft
If this sounds complicated, then call Ideal Fix. Learn more about us here.

Why Ideal Fix?

When it comes to repairing washing machines and other major home appliances, you need a team that gets it right the first time. We only employ highly qualified maintenance specialists with years of experience in major appliance repair.

Don’t let your clothes stack up in the laundry pile. Let us help you return to having clean clothes that smell fresh again.

Call Ideal Fix at (647) 370-5557 today for expert washing machine service in the Thornhill, ON area.

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