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Can’t cook, won’t cook because your stove is broken? Call the stove repair specialists NOW.
The last thing you want is a broken stove. The stove is one appliance you can’t live without,even in the modern age.
But, fixing stove problems is not a problem for our kitchen stove repair specialists at Ideal Fix in Vaughan. Our friendly professional crew has years of experience of repairing stoves just like yours.
At Ideal Fix, we deal with all types of ovens, including:
  • Range stove tops
  • Electric stove tops
  • Gas stove tops
  • Stove top replacements
Our staff are all well-trained, background-checked, and provide a service with a smile.
No matter the issue with your stove, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve any problems with your cooker top. Read our customer reviews, and you’ll see for yourself.
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Stove Repair in Vaughan

If you need assistance with a kitchen stove repair, you should hire a professional with specialist knowledge to diagnose and fix it safely.
Our stove repair specialists can handle any stove top repair matter. Our knowledgeable team can assess the problem and access the correct parts, whether it’s a range repair or an electric stove repair.
Our friendly team not only provide stove repairs. We can also perform a regular stove service as a preventative measure. You know what they say about prevention being the best cure.

Get Your Stove Working Like New

Common Stove Issues

Typically, when stoves stop working or start functioning sub-optimally, it’s caused by one of the following problems.
Gas Stove Clicks
It’s normal for your gas stove to click a few times when you light it, but sometimes it keeps clicking, which prevents your stove from firing up.
Something could be blocking the fuel pipe that supplies the gas, maybe some food debris or moisture. You can usually fix this by unblocking the gas supply with a pin or a folded-out paper clip. You could also try drying it off with absorbent kitchen towels.
If this doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to get a pro in to check it over or upgrade it for you.
Electric Stove Won’t Heat Up
With electric stoves, it’s usually safest to hire an expert in stove repairs like the team at Ideal Fix. Trying to fix electrical appliances yourself without the electrical knowledge to back it up could spell disaster!
If a single heat ring is not heating up, it might need replacing. The problem could be the connection. Either way, call in an expert to be safe.
Induction Stove Won’t Heat Up
The first thing to check if your induction hob won’t fire up is whether you are using the right type of pan. Induction hobs use pans made of cast iron, ferromagnetic metal, or any metal pans with magnetic properties. These cookers won’t tolerate aluminum, glass, or copper cookware.
That said, if your induction still isn’t working, you might need to call in a professional. It may require a stove service or a complete stove top replacement

Why Ideal Fix?

If you’re going to use a kitchen stove repair company, you may as well use the best. Just check out the many reviews from happy Ideal Fix customers who have received excellent service from our friendly, professional crew. You can learn more about us here.
Our team is knowledgeable and skilled in all stove repairs, including:
  • Stove top repair
  • Range repair
  • Electric stove repair
If your cook top is giving you a headache, don’t delay or choose poor workmanship. Instead, give our friendly team a call at Ideal Fix in Vaughan. Phone number: (647) 370-5557

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