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A broken fridge is one of the most annoying inconveniences that any homeowner or kitchen manager can face. A malfunctioning ice maker can cause a continuous leak that can turn a minor issue in your everyday routine into a major kitchen hazard. A refrigerator is a large appliance, and unless you’re exceptionally gifted with a wrench, it pays to go to a professional who knows all the wires and sensors that make up your near-thousand-dollar investment.

If you need fridge repair, call Ideal Fix. Our team services Thornhill, OH and the surrounding areas.

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Fridge Repair in Thornhill

We are Ideal Fix, the most reliable fridge technicians in all of Thornhill, ON. We have years of experience in repairing refrigerators, freezers, and cold storage units with many satisfied clients in the industrial and commercial space. We also cater to single-person households and families who are just as concerned when their appliances start making funny noises.

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We think our specialists are the best at what they do but do not take our word for it. Read up on our latest customer reviews and find out why we have become the go-to place for answers when the fridge is not working.

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Common Fridge Issues

Before attempting to repair a fridge yourself, remember that electricity, moisture, and sharp metal parts all make for a deadly combination even when you’re following a manual. Here are some of the most common issues our technicians find when on the job.

  • A stuck fridge fan: When your fridge is actively cooling itself, you should hear the audible sound of a fan motor spinning inside. Sometimes, the fan blades get stuck against the sides or against the motor, which stops it from operating normally
  • Drips from the ceiling: If the issue is minor dripping, it can be caused by food, so always keep hot food covered when storing inside. If the drip is excessive and near the fridge’s center, it may be caused by a clogged condensate drain
  • A dead compressor: As high-tech as our fridges have gotten, they’re still cooled by compressors that make low humming noises whenever they’re working. If you don’t hear the compressor and your fridge has stopped working, you may need to replace the starter
If you aren’t ready to handle these issues yourself, learn more about us and call Ideal Fix.

Why Ideal Fix?

We are your fast, cost-effective solution to your broken fridge and many other major appliances. We arrive on-time and on-schedule and strive to make accurate assessments. Our team will apply efficient, long-lasting repairs that will keep your fridge humming along for years.

Do not put yourself at the risk of electrocution, cuts, and even more mental anguish by applying band-aid solutions you might found floating around on the internet.

Call Ideal Fix at 647-370-5557 for fridge repair in the Thornhill, OH area.

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